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AQUALUX is dedicated to the construction, maintenance and commercialisation of equipment for pools, gardens and spas.
Amoung others, we founded our company with three clear goals:
1º “To innovate, using the world's best technologies in pool construction”
2º “To serve, our clients in an exclusive form, better than anyone else”
3º “To offer, material, equipment and unique competence”

Our objectives have been and continue to be acheived!
The concretisation of our objectives have been and can only be possible, thanks to a truly elite team, with experience and determined to be the best and to provide a service like no other! In combination, we ally the best technique to aquired experience throughout years in this sector. Our team dedicates a great passion in all projects, studying and redesigning as many times necessary to achive perfection, redefining the design and technique for each case.

We are nº 1 specialists in sprayed concrete pool construction and in the installation of equipment, such as filtering systems, heating, water treatment, pool covers, amoung others...licensed by INCI(Institute of Construction and Real Estate). Our permit allows us to execute the various types of work and also the construction of terraces, pump houses, barbeques, vila ampliation...

Certain that we guarantee exclusivity and a singular expirience!

Due to this constant search for innovation and new technologies, this makes it possible for us to do pools in Pebble Shape, it's a new method of decoration/interior finish for pools based on precious natural stones, with an extraordinary look.

Developed thinking of you, here you will find a world of solutions and dedicated professionals in presenting you with the best solutions for your Pool, Garden or Spa.



To contribute to the quality of life through an exclusive service providing innovation and quality, in order to maximise satisfaction for our clients and partners, respecting our community and ambient.


To be a referenced leader in providing diferenciated services through innovation, quality and exclusivity.


AQUALUX is engaged in developing activities in a sustainable way, to establish a balance on various aspects such as; economy, ambient and social matters applying the following principles:
- To innovate to serve better
- Each customer is unique
- Compromised excellence
- Ambient protection
- Integrity
- Human capitol management


We believe that success is not just with the engagement of new customers, but especially in the capacity of being loyal to our actual customers in a consistant and sustainable manner, for the long term. AQUALUX proposes to know and understand better priorities and preocupations that customers might have.
Help us by sending suggestions to


We have as a priority, the adoption and development of politics that respect the ambient and human integrity.
Our responsability is to improve continuosly our activities and processes with many of the interested parties, bering always the actual legal procedures. More than a objective, quality and ambient are firm compromises with our; clients, partners, suppliers and general society.


The AQUALUX Group has developed a culture of solidarity, sustained by strong principles and citizenship values, assuming responsabilities in contributing to the economic development and social cohesion of their citizens through a good performance of their commercial activity. Therefore we assume to operate under sustainable principles, oriented by the value of safety and by citizenship ethics, developing and favoring politics that promote innovating technologies, the satisfaction of clients and partners and the well-being of the community.


Would you like to be part of our team?
A strong, dinamic and motivated team is waiting for you.
It's our pleasure to receive you as a candidate, according to the professional group that you would like to be part of.
As of now, our promise is to assure you of an answer.
Our board is made of people with a high-rate potential, team spirit, innitiative, the will to learn and professional dedication.
Educative programs will be constant and are fundamental for the solidification and development of the AQUALUX brand.Send us your application to:
or AQUALUX pools, gardens & spas
Rua Afonso de Albuquerque
Loja nº 117 8100-531 Loulé


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Tel.: +351 289 422 336
Fax: +351 289 422 336
Tlm.:+351 965 741 484

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