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AQUALUX is considered company nº 1, leader in services!

There is an expression that say's: “The client is King”!
At AQUALUX, the client is “God”!
Our customers are really special!
More important than a simple transaction of a good, is providing an excellent after-sales service,which is quick and competent.
We are dedicated in improving this sector, especially through the frequent technical courses that our staff attend.
A perfect combination between staff and technology, assures a rapid and efficient aid of our clients.
Clients consider us as the best service company, a true reference of excellence, quality and efficiency.
This recognition is givin to us daily! Art and efficacy united as one...

Available 24h per day, 7 days a week!
We assist all clients and all brands.
All technical assistances necessary will be promptly solved!
For your comfort, we have a home delivery service, so that you don't have to to come to our shop.
Place your order, and we'll deliver it to you!
For us, more important than a simple transaction of a good, is providing an excellent after-sales service,which is quick and competent.
Contact us, with no hesitation!
Would you like to know if you can carry out what you've dreamed of?
As a team we will elaborate the quotation that you've dreamed of, combining the best relation of price/quality.
If you're not sure of your project, leave the creativity to our specialists, they will present you with ellegant solutions.
To maintain your pool and the filtering equipment in good shape, this requires special technical knowledge and this is something that AQUALUX professionals have the pleasure in sharing with you. Monthly a specific maintenance program is traced!
Do you need someone to manage and inform you on all the small details of your project? Leave that with our AQUALUX professionals, they have the experience for this line of work and are aware of all required specifications.
Experience is aquired through years of many successfull concluded job's, let us help you and recommend the best partners, equipment and materials to excute your project.

Including services:
- Project design
- Estimated cost
- Architectonic advising
- Financial advising
- Construction planning
- Scheduling
- Monitorizing
AQUALUX has always had present a “help each other”partner posture in our commercial relationship. We are totaly available to elaborate partnership's with customers, builders or anybody else that needs our service.
It's our pleasure to be your partner on the execution of something so important.
Whoever wants to see their project dimensioned and drawn by a professional, we have for you a team of designers and architects that will help you.
Observe, alter and select all elements before executing your project.
Would you like to licence your project?
It's our pleasure to help you!
We will do that job for you.
Would you like your project to be financed, so you dont have to pay everything all at once?
You decide! The professionals at AQUALUX are at your disposal, to present you with a personalized payment plan.

Choose the best solution for you.
Pay within 36 months...
Pay within 10 months with no interest
Dont through away something that is still worth recovering.
Sometimes, customers are persuaded in purchasing new equipment when these can still be repaired. It's our pleasure in fixing your equipment!

Also, we do all kinds of repairs, pool modifications, equipment and surrounding areas.
The look of your pool or garden are not the same anymore?
Would you like to give it a new look, using the latest material and technologie?
Would you like to upgrade your property value?
Do you wish to change the structure of your pool and garden?

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Tel.: +351 289 422 336
Fax: +351 289 422 336
Tlm.:+351 965 741 484

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