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In 1953 the american architect and designer George Nelson wrote: “the sofa seems to be the element we use to represent a original idea, a new application or better, an innovation.” The interest in architecture, design and art, served to adopt the same principles adapted form the big sofa designers of the XX century, today are fundamental for the conception of each spa.
Not including automobiles, the sofa is without doubt, a product of the modern world that has the most diversity in relation to design.
Nowadays, the ergonomic seats for spas are the result of many years of study on sofas and on the best relaxing position.
Simplicity and ergonomics is a decisive advantage, making our spa, the most comfortable in the world.



The simple act of immersing yourself in hot water sets in motion a wonderful chain of events that underscores just how closely our health and well-being is attuned to water. In hot water, your circulation adjusts to create a slight increase in blood pressure and blood rushes to the skin, where it's further warmed. The blood vessels expand and the pressure drops back down. The warmed blood penetrates deeper into the tissue below the skin, bringing more oxygen. As more vessels expand, you notice a soothing sensation. Your muscles start to relax and your body becomes more efficient at cleansing carbon dioxide from muscles. Your immune system kicks in, increasing antibody production; endorphins - the body's natural painkillers are released, melting away aches and pains.
Add to this the therapeutic stimulation of a high-pressure jet nozzles pulsing hot water onto your sore muscles and joints. The massaging action on soft tissue blocks pain input by acting as a counter-irritant on nerve endings. Clustered jets massage specific groups of muscles simultaneously - such as the neck, shoulders, back or feet. And you can direct jets to deliver water streams in a vigorous moving pattern to provide progressive relaxation of specific muscle groups. You can also use specialized massage inserts to put just the right amount of motion and pressure on specific areas, just as a massage varies muscle manipulation for maximum effect.


Did you know that power and the number of jets, are not the most important elements of a spa?

Quantity is not synonym of quality: many manufacturers install a variety of jet holes, which have nothing to do with a massage jet. At AQUALUX we offer you a collection of massage jets so that you can personalize your seats, changing the number of type of jets.

Do you know why we feel good when we are massaged by water jets?
Hot water that come from the jets stimulate our nerve extremity; our reflexes transmit a sensation of well-being to the other parts of our organism, just like with acupuncture, stimulation at a precise area generates a particular reaction in our organism.

Did you know that a spa is easy to install?
A spa is easy to install and can be done in a few minutes. It can be installed in your garden, inside your house...anywhere you can imagine. All you must have is a flat floor, a water point with a hose and a electricity point.

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