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Difficulties and worries of having a pool...are things of the past!

Currently, there is a big doubt on swimming pool safety. Pool covers are optimam solutions and with today's new technologies, pools can be 100% safe. There are pool cover's that can support the weight of people, animals, amoung others! Also, they enhance the quality, comfort and esthetics of your pool and serve the following purposes: Safety, reduce runing costs, heating, Energy, esthetics and keeping your pool clean. A vast selection of covers and models, offer you a personalized solution and adaptable to each specific situation. Whatever motivation you have, it can be acheived.


Heat's pool water
Use your pool 365 days per year
Reinforces your family time and longer bathing periods
Exercise and stay healthy
Automatic systems
Add value to your property
Ambient friendly
Lucrative in a short period of time
A major benefit for house rentals

Safety – they avoid accidents and support up to 350kg
Economy – on chemical products
Heating – heat pools from 4 – 8ºC
Energy – reduce exactly half of the consuption to heat a pool
Cleaning – reduce maintenance costs
Esthetics – contribute to enhance area

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